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Homeschooling…Let’s Do This!

Should we or shouldn’t we? My husband and I went back and forth on deciding whether or not to homeschool our kiddos. We made the decision to give it a try! Our little man is four years old, so now is the perfect time to go for it. He has been in a preschool program for a couple of years, and we’ve also worked on a lot of things with him at home…letter names and sounds, numbers, colors, shapes, patterns, writing his name, cutting, tracing, and even a little bit of adding.

The idea of homeschooling seems like a big undertaking. It is. I definitely need a plan of action and a schedule. Here are some helpful tips that I came up with:

Gather Materials

  • Books, books, books! – Use your own, swap with friends, or hit up your local library!
  • You can gather a ton of ideas from Pinterest and other blogs.
  • Get connected with other friends who homeschool or teach.
  • Don’t know how to make a certain craft? Stumped on crafts or themes to follow? Google is your best friend! 🙂
  • Hopefully, the weather will be cooling off soon. Hit up some yard sales in your area. You’ll be surprised at some of the gems you will find at great prices.
  • Also hit up your local thrift store. The one in our area that I like to frequent has kids’ paperback books for 50 cents and hardback books for $1. You can’t beat that!


  • Evaluate your kiddo on letter recognition, letter sounds, number recognition, rote counting, etc.
  • Having this info helps you with the areas where your child needs focus.


  • Establish an area that is learning focused.
  • Make learning areas fun!
  • Reduce the amount of distractions during learning time.
  • Create a reading area that is quiet and comfortable.


  • When possible (and necessary) include younger siblings with crafts and reading.
  • Make activities as interactive and hands-on as possible.
  • Have games and activities that can be done independently as well as those that require instruction.

So, there ya go! I am SO excited about getting started with homeschooling my little man! The teacher in me has a ton of ideas rolling around in my head. 🙂 I’ll share any ideas, tips, and hiccups I have along the way.

What are your ideas? Got a plan of action for this school year? I’d love to hear them!


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