Crime, Punishment & Castles

Since we moved into our new home back in November, we’ve had grand ideas for decorating each room. However, I was eight months pregnant at the time, and my husband wouldn’t let me anywhere near a paint can. We knew that we could only afford to complete one project at a time, but we had no idea where to start first. That was until our three year old decided to help us out! Within one month of our daughter’s birth in January, our son had decorated our new home with SEVEN murals!!! Geez! Some form of regression? Acting out? Jealousy? Terrible threes? Who knows! I wanted to freak out at first, but I had to take a step back and remind myself that I would one day miss those crayon marks on the walls. So I decided to take pictures for his scrapbook then put him to work…..

The pictures I’m not showing are the ones where he finally broke down into tears. Sad, I know, but he had to get the point that coloring all over the walls is not acceptable. So it looks like we’ll be starting our decorating in his room! We have grand ideas of a castle themed room, and I can’t wait. The paint is bought…has been for about three months now…We’ll get to it eventually. In the mean time, I’m having a blast gathering ideas. 🙂

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How cute is this?!

Inspiration for curtains, maybe?

Definitely have to do this!

 I can’t wait to get started!



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Organic on a Budget

Oh how I long to buy all organic! When you’re a family on a budget, how in the world is that going to be possible? You know, I don’t even have the answer to that question, but I’m learning! I’ve tried buying organic here and there, but I’ve never been able to go all out. Usually, it’s because of our limited budget. Most of the time, it’s because we can’t find the foods we love in an organic option. I know, I know, we should just suck it up and sacrifice those things we just ‘have to have’, right? While we are not at the point of going all organic, I feel the first place to start would be with our meats and dairy products. I’ve recently found that organic meats, when found locally, are usually just a $1 or so more than what I’m already spending. Yay! One of the cheapest ways to eat organically while on a budget is to make a casserole! Usually, your additional items aren’t that expensive, and who doesn’t love a one stop meal they can throw together and toss into the oven? Another thing I’ve realized is that it’s more cost efficient to buy a whole chicken and make two meals out of it instead of buying one pack of chicken breasts for just one meal. You can usually cut your costs by $2-$3! If you’re not sold on buying organic meats or not sure what the fuss is about, just watch Food, Inc. Yuck! It has forever changed my perspective of the food industry!


For more recipes and awesome tips, please visit Corn-Free and Clear!

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i {heart} tj maxx

Lanterns with candles and owls with white faces, discounted frames and clear tiered vases, finding good deals and the joy that they bring….these are a few of my favorite things! Great, now that song’s stuck in my head! After moving into our new home back in November, we knew that we only wanted to purchase things that we love. My husband and I made a mistake on decorating way back when we purchased our first home in 2006. We filled our house with ‘stuff’. Yuck…We moved to Texas in 2008, and we quickly realized how much stuff we actually had. Our only option at the time (without going broke) was to rent a little two bedroom townhome/garden home. Due to our limited space, most of our stuff ended up in boxes in the garage. What a blessing it was to be without all of those things. During the following the months, we began purging those boxes and getting rid of things. We were able to see just exactly what we could live without. It is now our goal in our new home to only purchase things we really like/love. And I have to say…I love a good deal! I rarely ever pay full price for anything. One of the best places I have found is TJ Maxx. So here are some of my best deals as of late that didn’t break the bank! By the way, I wasn’t compensated in any way for this review. If I had been compensated in any way, I would have spent it on more deals at TJ Maxx…probably. 🙂 Enjoy!


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Boredom Buster #1

Can someone please explain to me how in the world a three year old can be bored? Seriously, he has toys, a backyard, crayons, Play Doh, a swing set, LEGOs…but he still manages to be right up under me climbing on me, falling on me and poking me in the face. I figured out pretty quickly that it would be a looong summer if I didn’t find some things to occupy his time and hands. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t want to be around my little boy. I just want him to have fun without maiming me or destroying the house! So I decided to try to find some easy, cheap activities that we could make at home. I’ve taken mental note of several we’re going to try over the summer, so here’s the first one we’ve accomplished. *Insert resounding trumpet – “Ba-da-da-daaa!” here*

Shape Lacing

Find a cardboard box or gift box.

Cut into fun shapes.

Punch holes.

Find shoelaces or strings of yarn.

Have fun!

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Hi everyone!

So I’ve abandoned my old blog for a newer, updated blog…maybe I can figure out WordPress as I go. 🙂 There isn’t much to browse here, but hopefully that will change in the upcoming days/weeks. I can’t wait to share some of the crafts and projects we’ve been working on, so I hope you’ll keep checking in!

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