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Handmade Blessings

So this is my first link up since starting my new blog! Yay! Among the things I love are handmade items. If you don’t love handmade, then I’m not sure we can be friends…seriously. 😉 A sweet gift from a friend sparked the idea for this post, and I just had to share some of my favorite handmade gifts. Ok, so two of them are from my son!

Here’s a Mother’s Day gift from last year…totally made me tear up!

And here’s the one from this year. Super cute!

This next handmade gift takes a little explaining…On April 2nd of last year, we found out we were expecting our second baby. On April 9th, we lost that baby. I was completely heartbroken, and I never knew that I would grieve so hard for a little life that I had carried for a short amount of time. I know that the Lord knows best and understands beyond what we can comprehend here on this earth. I would lie in bed some nights asking God to hold me and thinking about my little one in His arms. Every time I closed my eyes, I could see this beautiful little girl smiling back at me. I knew in my heart, that we had lost a baby girl. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that my husband and I gave her the name Sara Lillian, and I shared that with a few close friends. One of those dear, sweet friends over at Life, Crafts & Whatever was there, and she made one of the most precious handmade gifts I’ve ever received….

Of course I’ll always think of my precious girl, but it’s so sweet to have this little reminder sitting on our desk with family photos. I tear up every time I see it. So, for those of you who give handmade gifts…keep on giving! They’re more of a blessing than you know!

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Boredom Buster #1

Can someone please explain to me how in the world a three year old can be bored? Seriously, he has toys, a backyard, crayons, Play Doh, a swing set, LEGOs…but he still manages to be right up under me climbing on me, falling on me and poking me in the face. I figured out pretty quickly that it would be a looong summer if I didn’t find some things to occupy his time and hands. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t want to be around my little boy. I just want him to have fun without maiming me or destroying the house! So I decided to try to find some easy, cheap activities that we could make at home. I’ve taken mental note of several we’re going to try over the summer, so here’s the first one we’ve accomplished. *Insert resounding trumpet – “Ba-da-da-daaa!” here*

Shape Lacing

Find a cardboard box or gift box.

Cut into fun shapes.

Punch holes.

Find shoelaces or strings of yarn.

Have fun!

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