i {heart} tj maxx

Lanterns with candles and owls with white faces, discounted frames and clear tiered vases, finding good deals and the joy that they bring….these are a few of my favorite things! Great, now that song’s stuck in my head! After moving into our new home back in November, we knew that we only wanted to purchase things that we love. My husband and I made a mistake on decorating way back when we purchased our first home in 2006. We filled our house with ‘stuff’. Yuck…We moved to Texas in 2008, and we quickly realized how much stuff we actually had. Our only option at the time (without going broke) was to rent a little two bedroom townhome/garden home. Due to our limited space, most of our stuff ended up in boxes in the garage. What a blessing it was to be without all of those things. During the following the months, we began purging those boxes and getting rid of things. We were able to see just exactly what we could live without. It is now our goal in our new home to only purchase things we really like/love. And I have to say…I love a good deal! I rarely ever pay full price for anything. One of the best places I have found is TJ Maxx. So here are some of my best deals as of late that didn’t break the bank! By the way, I wasn’t compensated in any way for this review. If I had been compensated in any way, I would have spent it on more deals at TJ Maxx…probably. πŸ™‚ Enjoy!



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2 responses to “i {heart} tj maxx

  1. OMG. I NEED that white owl! Did they have any more left? Price? I would spray it in a bright red, gorgeous!

  2. Sorry, girl! I think I grabbed the only one! They were about to put it out on the shelf, and I snatched it up. πŸ™‚ It was only $7.99, and I was smitten as soon as I saw it.

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